Difference Between Commercify 1.0 & Slingly

Commercify 1.0

Commercify is the creation of two brilliant marketers Ricky Mataka & Nishant Bhardwaj.

It’s a membership site that gives you EVERYTHING you need to build a successful shopify store online.  Before I dig deeper into the actual modules of Commercify, let’s take a look at the product owner.

Ricky Mataka is a very popular internet marketer & sales expert. Ricky has created over 15 products teaching people how to make money online.

Along with his marketing skills, he has also got some great programming skills. Ricky has over 17 years of expertise in the software industry.

Ricky has coached hundreds of students and helped them grow their businesses online. Many of these students are very successful internet marketers today.

One of Ricky’s old product was called “Shoplicate”. This product was all about ecommerce and was specifically designed for complete beginners who had little to no experience in the ecommerce industry.

Okay, now that we have talked about the product owner, let’s take a look at the major modules of Commercify.

Commercify is split down into 5 core modules. These core modules are:

Trending – This feature of commercify allows you to see what’s going hot right now. You can use this to find out the top niches and products. It’s a very good feature if you don’t know about which niche you should go after.

Product Sourcing – This feature allows you to search for the products that you can source. It’s a great feature that is used by many successful marketers.

Store Manager – Although it’s very simple to create ecommerce stores using shopify, but it’s a very time-consuming process. However, with this feature of Commercify, you can create or add new ecommerce stores at the click of your mouse!

On Demand Catalog – This feature includes a compilation of designs that Ricky Mataka and his team has put together. You can use this to sell products like shirts, hoodies and mugs etc. This is a great way to get started if you’re a beginner since the products are proven to convert and the fulfilment is handled by Commercify’s team.

Product Catalog – This module includes a collection of physical products that the members can sell online. Like the “On Demand Catalog” module, these products are also proven to convert very well, but you’ll need to use a different dropshipper.

Targeting Library – This module is the backbone of Commercify. It’s a library of products that are already tested and proven to convert. It also includes profitable niches and many case studies showing you exactly what’s working right now.


Slingly is the rebirth of Commercify 1.0.  It’s a software which you can use to build ecommerce stores from scratch.

The software includes many tools that you can use to track everything you’re doing online, analyze data, and get all the information of advertising etc.

You can use this to optimize your campaigns and take your business to the next level. Slingly will work with all the niches that are out there.

You can sell pretty much anything you want on your ecommerce stores including both Physical Products (Laptops, T-shirts, hoodies, mugs) and Digital Products (eBooks, Software, Courses) and more.

There are many great features inside Slingly. It is designed to fit for all kinds of niches and products. It includes the formula for advertising on Facebook.

It also includes a library of professional graphics and images. All the fulfilment is handled by the Slingly’s team, so you don’t have to worry anything about it.

It also includes Clickfunnels integration, Automated Physical Catalog, Product Sourcing & Auto Generated Store Mock Ups.

If you’re looking to know more about the software and it’s features, take a look at this in-depth Slingly Review including amazing bonuses.

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Showering in a Bathtub: A Quick Guide

All individuals derive pleasure from a beautiful warm bath in the evening, after a stressful day. The majority of people like having a bath due to its soothing elements, despite how their day was!

It is reported by the plumbers in Lakeland FL that after installing small shower bathtubs, they have increased the customer satisfaction score and have seen a rise in demand for
similar bathtubs.

However, when space is limited, and there is not enough room, where can you fix your luxurious tub? The answer is small shower bathtubs, which have begun to flourish in the market for home improvement, catching the attention of many homeowners.

Qualities of Small Shower Bathtubs

Even though their size is smaller compared to a regular tub, they remain extremely useful. A bathtub shower presents a great basic solution where space is limited, fixing a tub and shower in the same place. This offers you the choice of a bath or shower and saves space also.

When you fix a small tub shower inside your bathroom, this gives you options. As you walk inside your lavatory, you can decide whether to have a bath or shower. This is wonderful as there are days when you cannot spare one hour for a soak. In this instance, a bathtub shower becomes useful. You can shower for five minutes only!

Small shower bathtubs also give you the option of size. You can select the regular tub of five foot, which is present in each Hope Depot then fix a showerhead directly on top of it.

Alternatively, you can choose a bathtub shower combo, which is condensed. These are ideal in small spaces as you can select one, which is smaller-sized. There are some that are four feet, and others are even smaller, or a square one which can fit in a corner.

Advantages of Small Shower Bathtubs

A lot of space is saved when small shower bathtubs are used, and at the same time, they operate entirely as a bathtub. While these bathtub showers are not long, they are deeper, enabling you to get still soaked! Square shower bathtubs also present an extremely fashionable and edgy appearance, giving your bathroom a unique and stylish appearance.

It is not necessary for some small shower bathtubs to have an entirely new unit. Already, some homes are fixed with a small tub; however, there is no showerhead on top.

Mounting showerheads on the wall beyond the tub is simple. But, in case there is not much space, you can substitute the previous tub with a bathtub shower unit, which is new.

For people who have the challenge with mobility, health issues and the old, a bathtub shower unit is an excellent choice. This is because there are some, which have doors outfitted on them, providing easy access and convenience.

This eliminates the problem of stepping over the large sides of the tubs as you can just open the tiny door and slip straight in.

As the majority of individuals buy a regular tub of five foot, you might need to shop around a little more, for shower bathtubs. A lot of options are present; however, some stores for home improvement just offer a small range of tubs.

A standard tub of four foot is present in the majority of home improvement shops also and is very effective when utilized as a small bathtub shower.


In case a bathtub shower is not sufficiently small for your bathroom, maybe you require some renovations. At times, a sink, which is mounted on the wall, will be helpful!

When you replace your sink or get rid of excess cabinets, you can save enough space to fix your ideal small bathtub shower. Here’s a nice video:


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A Compact Blueprint to Energy Efficient Towel Warmers

Mostly, towel warmers assist to avail warm towels for day-to-day use following a shower or bath. But, there are numerous other vital uses for these bathroom items.

These tools are also perfect for drying items and accessories, which are hand-washable, wet coats or jackets, bathing suits, mittens as well as other winter attire.

Apart from assisting in drying your precious items, they also assist to get rid of viruses as well as mildew from your clothes. But, they are not created to work as room heaters, even though they can reduce wet conditions, particularly in bath areas with poor ventilation.

Types of Towel Warmers

Many homeowners purchase towel warmers depending on elements such as style, design, and comfort. Since these items provide a more attractive look to your bathroom, you might choose to have them fixed either free-standing, wall-mounted, or on the floor of the bath area.

Homeowners might now manage to view a huge range of towel warmer products. Each presents its personal style and configuration patterns.

Electric towel warmers are available, which have varied installation options: purchasers may want to just plug in an electric warmer in a nearby power outlet. Alternatively, they can have them hardwired. The procedure of directly wiring a towel warmer to the electrical wiring system of the house is referred to as hardwiring.

But, to carry this out in a safe manner, the best thing for you would be to engage an electrician or technician, who is licensed, for proper installation.
Other designs of towel warmers are wall-mounted, floor-mounted, brass-plated, chrome-plated as well as steel-type warmers.

Advantages of Towel Warmers at Home

As their name suggests, these bathroom devices offer your towel together with other clothing items a feel, which is warmer, gentler and more comfortable.

The heat provided by this equipment mainly provides your towel, clothing, baby wear or glove heat which is comforting and reassuring. It is gentle heat, not a hot or blistering feeling.

This is among the reasons why these products are famous for warming baby blankets and beddings.

Tips for Buying and Product Choices

If you want to obtain the most ideal warmer for your house, think of the equipment’s style, size, and color. You might choose ones that look high-tech or microwave oven styles.

There are a huge variety of colors to select from, such as gold, brown, white, silver or black. But, the costs might be different, and this is determined by the brand name.

For people buying for the first time, it is helpful to initially get to know the kinds of materials utilized in manufacturing a particular product or brand. If you purchase just because of low costs, you might get one that is low quality and substandard.

You should also select ones with manuals controls that are uncomplicated and straightforward to operate. Find out whether the firm manufacturing a particular brand adheres to standard safety regulations of the government. The ones that pass quality control generally possess required marks and stickers on them.

Apart from the great features mentioned before, towel warmers assist the environment also. It is believed that a regular towel warmer utilizes less energy and is an accessory which is important for lowering your electricity bills each month as they just use up 10% of the overall wattage of a regular clothes dryer.

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Tips for Selecting a Jetted Bathtub

Having a jetted tub is great! You might buy it as a technique of therapy or for the purpose of relaxing. Jetted tubs are becoming more famous.

Nearly every person dreams of resting inside a jetted bathtub and letting the jets massage out whatever pains and aches are being experienced.

Whatever your reasons, your whole body will be soothed by jets, as you only lie back and have fun. There are a lot of varied styles of jetted tubs. Therefore, you should be aware of what factors
you need to consider before buying.

In case your tub is meant for therapy, enquire from your doctor whether he/she can make any recommendations. If this is not the case and you just desire this design of tub, you should be aware of some basic factors.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Jetted Bathtub

First and most important, you should be aware of the variations that exist between water jets and air jets. Air jets provide an experience that is quieter when bathing.

Bursts of air that are weaker are produced by the jet, and due to this design, you can opt to include bath salts or bubble bath to your water.

Air, which is forced, makes the water cool faster, compared to water jets. This design does not raise circulation in the same manner as a water jet. However, it remains a model that is popular for a lot of people because it offers a gentle massage.

Jetted bathtubs that have water jets offer powerful, energetic water bursts. It is not possible to use bubble bath or any other additive with this design. But, water jets offer a massage that is more powerful, in contrast with the air ones. Also, recirculation is provided via the jets.

With this design of tub, the water retains its warmth; however, it needs thorough cleaning to make sure that the bathing experience you have is one that is healthy.

Fewer jets are also required, regarding a water jetted tub, compared to one which is air jetted. With any jetted bathtubs, some optional features are present, which enable you to derive more pleasure from your new tub.

Precautionary Measures for Jetted Bathtub

Get a tub, which has a slip resistant base, to make sure that you do not experience, falls when entering the tub or exiting it. In case you suffer from a health condition that needs making use of this kind of tub, think of bars and handles for extra stability.

Search for internal water heaters to avoid having to add hot water. This is because jetted water advances fast, which causes cooling.

You should also request for low water sensor to make sure that in case your water drains, burning up of your pump does not occur. A lot of people prefer a self-cleaning choice.


You are guaranteed to have an enjoyable bathing experience, regardless of the style. You might have so much fun that you may get tempted to remain in the tub for a lengthy period!

Buy your jetted bathtub today and enjoy a wholesome bathing experience!

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