Tips for Selecting a Jetted Bathtub

Having a jetted tub is great! You might buy it as a technique of therapy or for the purpose of relaxing. Jetted tubs are becoming more famous.

Nearly every person dreams of resting inside a jetted bathtub and letting the jets massage out whatever pains and aches are being experienced.

Whatever your reasons, your whole body will be soothed by jets, as you only lie back and have fun. There are a lot of varied styles of jetted tubs. Therefore, you should be aware of what factors
you need to consider before buying.

In case your tub is meant for therapy, enquire from your doctor whether he/she can make any recommendations. If this is not the case and you just desire this design of tub, you should be aware of some basic factors.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Jetted Bathtub

First and most important, you should be aware of the variations that exist between water jets and air jets. Air jets provide an experience that is quieter when bathing.

Bursts of air that are weaker are produced by the jet, and due to this design, you can opt to include bath salts or bubble bath to your water.

Air, which is forced, makes the water cool faster, compared to water jets. This design does not raise circulation in the same manner as a water jet. However, it remains a model that is popular for a lot of people because it offers a gentle massage.

Jetted bathtubs that have water jets offer powerful, energetic water bursts. It is not possible to use bubble bath or any other additive with this design. But, water jets offer a massage that is more powerful, in contrast with the air ones. Also, recirculation is provided via the jets.

With this design of tub, the water retains its warmth; however, it needs thorough cleaning to make sure that the bathing experience you have is one that is healthy.

Fewer jets are also required, regarding a water jetted tub, compared to one which is air jetted. With any jetted bathtubs, some optional features are present, which enable you to derive more pleasure from your new tub.

Precautionary Measures for Jetted Bathtub

Get a tub, which has a slip resistant base, to make sure that you do not experience, falls when entering the tub or exiting it. In case you suffer from a health condition that needs making use of this kind of tub, think of bars and handles for extra stability.

Search for internal water heaters to avoid having to add hot water. This is because jetted water advances fast, which causes cooling.

You should also request for low water sensor to make sure that in case your water drains, burning up of your pump does not occur. A lot of people prefer a self-cleaning choice.


You are guaranteed to have an enjoyable bathing experience, regardless of the style. You might have so much fun that you may get tempted to remain in the tub for a lengthy period!

Buy your jetted bathtub today and enjoy a wholesome bathing experience!

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