Have you heard about this Advertising Company ?

Howdy Everyone! hope you all are doing well. I’d like to welcome you to my beautiful little website where I will discuss about internet advertising in detail including the background, the market, behind the scenes & even how to make money doing it. So first off, let’s start with the a little background.

The Background of Internet Advertising…

Online Advertising

Let’s start with the definition of Online Advertising

Internet Advertising: It is a way of online marketing where people pay online advertising companies to display their products or services and get targeted traffic to their website / product / offer. For example, Facebook ads.

Okay, now let’s get to the background. Have you ever wonder where does these Multi Millionaire Companies like Facebook, Google, MySpace make money in the first place ? They don’t sell anything, allows you to create free accounts, so how are they making money ?

The Answer: By using simple ads. Facebook has billions of users and millions of people pay Facebook to display their ads. Similarly Google has also their own advertising programs called Adsense & Adwords. People pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to Google to display their products and services on the first page to get targeted traffic to their websites.

It helps both people who advertise and the advertising company because the company makes a lot of money from selling ads and the people also make money by making sales from the ads they purchased. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Let’s take a peak at the massively growing trend of the Internet Advertising Market.

advertising graph

The graph is growing like crazy. So there is no doubt that the “Internet Advertising” Market is very very profitable.

Facebook makes millions, but does not share profit with it’s members. Now, the question is, how to make money with online advertising ?

There are many Paid-To-Click (PTC) sites in the “Advertising” niche that pays people to click ads. Some examples are, Neobux and Clixsense. But the problem is, these PTC sites keep 90% of the profit and only gives 10% to it’s members which is way too low. Members only make pennies or a few hundred dollars with these PTC sites, but not any REAL money.

So, if Facebook does not share profit and PTC sites does not give a reasonable income, what is the solution ?

Introducing My Advertising Pays

my advertising pays logo

My Advertising Pays is a profit sharing, advertising platform. It is a U.S based company, head quartered in Anguilla.

There are two basic things which you can do with My Advertising Pays. You can either purchase credit packs to make money OR use them to advertise your own personal products and services and make sales from the traffic.

The person behind the company is named Mike Deese.

Meet Mike

Mike Deese

Mike Deese also known as Michael Deese is the boss and CEO of My Advertising Pays. He has worked for United States air force in the past but then retired and started his own online business. Basically he was fed up with the pitch and hype going around the world of Internet Marketing. So, he decided to create his own business model which will help people create secure, stable, and passive income online. He then, after years of struggle, introduced My Advertising Pays.

How To Make Money With My Advertising Pays ?

my advertising pays easy steps

Making money with My Advertising Pays is ridiculously simple. All you have to do is purchase credit packs, click 10 ads, and watch your balance increase. You repeat the same process every day to keep making money from the profit share. A credit pack is a product of My Advertising Pays and each credit pack costs $50 Dollars. You can either use credit packs to advertise your products and offers or you can also use credit packs to make money by clicking the 10 ads daily.

The process of clicking ads is very simple, you just have to click an ad and wait for a small period of time like 10 seconds or maybe 30 seconds and boom! you clicked the ad successfully. You do the same for at least 10 ads to become eligible for profit share earnings.

After you have clicked 10 ads, you will instantly start making money every 20 minutes!

This means the balance will change once every 20 minutes and you will keep making money for 24 hours. After 24 hours (server time), the profit share will stop working and you will have to click 10 ads again to start making money from the profit share.

Remember, each credit pack costs $50 Dollars and returns $60 Dollars in about 4 months.

After it reaches $60 Dollars, it expires and you must pay $50 Dollars to renew it. So every credit pack gives you a profit of $10 Dollars in about 4 months and then expires.

It is calculated that you will earn about $0.5 Dollars everyday with 1 credit pack, on average. However, this amount is not fixed as the profit share can be anywhere between $0.4-$0.7 Dollars depending on the rates of profit share.

Here are some examples of what you will be making with My Advertising Pays depending on the amount of Credit Packs you have.

my advertising pays profit share rates

As you may have noticed that the more credit packs you have, the more money you will make.

Once you join My Advertising Pays, you should continue to invest more and purchase more credit packs from your profit and your target should be to reach 1200 Credit Packs.

1200 is the limit set by My Advertising Pays and you can’t have more than 1200 credit packs. So, you should max out this limit and reach 1200 Credit Packs.

Once you have reached the magical figure of 1200, you start making BIG money. The money you earn after reaching 1200 credit packs will be enough to quit your day job and fire your boss.

Not only that, you can make even more money by sponsoring other people in My Advertising Pays.

You will get $5 Dollars (10% Commission) for each referral that joins under your account and purchases 1 credit pack.

So, let’s say you have 10 referrals that have reached 100 credit packs and they are purchasing 1 credit pack every day.

It means you will make $50 Dollars pure profit every single day just off the referral commissions and that is when you have only 10 referrals.

You can always go out there and refer more and more people to make even more money. There really is no limit to what you can make with My Advertising Pays