Top 20 Best Robot Toys For Kids To Increase IQ!

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Are you looking to get your child more involved with STEM and potentially see them grow up to be in a high-paying career? 

Well, a paper published in 2012 by Dr. John Protzko and Dr. Joshua m Aronson called “How to Make a Young Child Smarter: Evidence From the Database of Raising Intelligence.” Features several ways to raise a child’s intelligence, one of them being “enrolling children in early education interventions.” Education interventions mainly consist of sending your children to extracurricular activities that take place outside of school time. But sadly, due to the pandemic’s nature, this is not a choice for most parents. 

It is causing many parents to have to search for alternatives. One of those can be increasing your child’s curiosity by giving them robot toys that will provide them with a better understanding of robots, how they work and how they will significantly impact the next generation. As well as that robot toys could increase a child’s interest in STEM. Increased interest can cause them to enjoy subjects such as Math, science, and computer science even more, potentially leading to significantly higher grades. 

Due to this and its benefit to our readers, our team searched for your children’s 25 top robot toys. We were able to find some exciting, budget-friendly, and technologically advanced robot toys for skills. We hope our findings allow you to give your child something that will encourage them to be more creative, have more vital stem skills, and have a lot of fun while doing so.

20 Best Robot Toys For Kids

1: Sphero SPRK+

What is it: The Sphero SPRK+ is a programmable robot for kids that allows your kids to learn programming through the programming languages Javascript, Swift, and Scratch. Javascript is a programming language used in all types of applications but mainly web development. Swift is making IOS apps. And Scratch is a more visual and straightforward programming language that gives your kids a more foundational understanding of programming. Scratch focuses on moving blocks of code to make computers perform specific tasks.

The Sphero Spark+ allows your kids to learn to code in several languages and gives them the ability to understand better how computers work. It features programmable sensors such as a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and motor encoders. As well as that, it also has led lights, is waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Your child can program the ball to drive through obstacles and mazes or use the Sphero Play app to play games with the robot toy.

Why we love it: We love the simplicity of the Sphero SPRK+ and its interactive approach to teaching programming. We also love its sturdy and large design (almost as big as a basketball). Lastly, we believe that it’s the best robot toy to inspire your children’s creativity and curiosity.

Why you should consider buying it: The Sphero SPRK+ robot toy is a great way to introduce your child to programming with its education STEM toy. It features 2 high in-demand programming languages and a more straightforward programming language to help your kids understand the foundations of programming and how it works. It’s a hands-on approach to learning programming that will teach your children a lot about coding, science, and robots. It’s worth considering a buy and takes the number 1 spot as the best robot toy for kids in 2021.

2: Roku Smart Robot

What is it: The Roku Smart Robot is a highly advanced, interactive RC robot that features app control and voice control. It has several fun features such as the ability to sing and dance, the ability to speak to the robot and allow it to repeat what you said, and the ability to steer and control the robot using the easy-to-connect robust action programming app. The programming app features 58 types of different actions that your kids can use to program the Roku Smart robot toy.

It also features 4 controls to help suit different age levels. The Roku Smart Robot (named Carle) is an excellent way for your kid to have fun and play with robotics.

Why we love it: We love how fun and interactive the robot is, as well as its abundant amount of features and controls. We also love how many different possible actions the kid’s robot toy has.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s a mighty robot toy built by a very trustworthy company (Roku). It’s a lot of fun to play with and has many different applications. Your kid will enjoy using this high-end robot toy.

3: The Design and Drill Robot

What is it: It’s a STEM learning toy that gets children into the basics of engineering and improves their fine motor skills by getting them into building and tinkering with the Design and Drill Robot.

Why we love it: It’s a simple product that quite effective in building simple engineering and construction skills. 

Why you should consider buying it: Perfect for preschoolers, the Design and Drill Robot is even an Amazon Recommended product due to its simple design and reasonable price.

4: CIRO Almubot Battlefield 1

What is it: A remote-controlled robot building kit with over non-toxic 405+ pieces. It also has advanced app control that allows you to control the robot building toy using a phone app. Lastly, it can move in all directions, and it’s simple to use.

Why we love it: We love the flexibility of the engineering toy as it allows kids to be able to be creative and let their imagination wander.

Why you should consider buying it: It encourages creativity and simple engineering and fine motor skills for your kids. 

5: LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor Building Set

What is it: It’s a almost 1000 piece lego set that includes 4 medium motors, a color sensor, a distance sensor with a break-out interface, and an intelligent hub. It allows kids to build robotic toys that they can share on the LEGO life website. It includes a robot inventor app with over 50+ activities that will bring your child’s creations to life. Lastly has 5 unique, customizable sturdy and robot designs.

Why we love it: Your kids can use the 5 unique robot toy designs to do activities and missions on the LEGO Mindstorms app powered by Scratch and build essential STEM skills as they take on the robot toy activities and missions.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s a very effective learning tool built by one of the largest toy companies in the world (LEGO) that even Amazon recommends.

6: The Remote control robot dog toy

What is it: A toy robot dog for kids of all ages that has 12 voice directives and imitates 10 animal forms. It also has 7 remote control functions. It can sing and dance. It’s programmable, which can help your kids learn programming skills. It uses a rechargeable battery. And it’s a pretty cool pet!

Why we love it: This robot dog toy is an excellent gift for kids as it’s a lot of fun to use. As well as that, it’s also the size of a puppy.

Why you should consider buying it: Your kids are going to love this robot pet! It’s simple to take care of, clean, and still a lot of fun!

7: Botley the Coding Robot 2.0

What is it: It’s an activity set of coding toys for kids. It has 16 different fun interactions that allow you to transform Botely into a ghost, car, train, and more. It will enable your kids to learn coding without a tablet or phone.

Why we love it: The fact that your kid can learn coding and STEM skills without a screen is helpful as most kids at that age won’t have their phones or tablets, so Botley 2.0 provides a good alternative.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s reasonably priced, has a ton of features, and it’s screen-free!

8: Boxer – Interactive AI Robot Toy

What is it: An interactive AI robot that comes with 10 activity cards that let your kids play games like Go Kart and Bot Bowling. It has multiple ways to play and has a free app that you use to play new games.

Why we love it: We love the number of activities it has.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s a great mini robot toy gift for kids and has a ton of features that your kids will enjoy messing around with.

9: WowWee MiP Arcade Interactive Robot

What is it: It’s an award-winning self-balancing robot that has a ton of games (20+) your children can use. It also has a personality and can dance.

It’s compatible with the MiP arcade app and includes attachments such as a basketball ball, basketballs, and a tray.

Why we love it: It’s endless fun!

Why you should consider buying it: It was the winner of the 2020 Top Holiday Toy Award from The Toy Insider. You can use it to improve your kid’s memory, reflexes, and jump shots!

10: Ninja Bots 2-Pack, Battling Robots

What is it: A set of 2 batting robots that each have their personalities and weapons. They also have over 100 sounds and movements! You can train the robots using simple hand gestures as they have IR sensors – this allows your kids to have 1 or 2 player battles.

Why we love it: It’s a lot of fun playing with the robot battle toy set, and it’s very interactive. The training using hand gestures teaches elementary programming too.

Why you should consider buying it:

Your kids will love playing with these robot toys!

11: Sikaye RC Programmable Robot

What is it: It’s an interactive robot toy for kids that can sing, dance, walk, slide and interact. It also has an intelligent remote control that has a gesture sensing control mode. Lastly, it has over 50 different actions.

Why we love it: It’s a great tool to help teach robotics, science, art, and technology.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s compelling and has a lot of features for a reasonable price.

12: Novie, Interactive Smart Robot

What is it: An intelligent robot for kids that has over 75 actions. Your children can train and program the robot to learn up to 12 awesome tricks like the Spinout or the Wheelie.

Why we love it: It helps give kids a better understanding of teaching things through the ability to train the robot. 

Why you should consider buying it: It’s a very interactive tool that has a good reward system to help improve your child’s curiosity in programming and robotics.

13: CIRO STEM Projects | 12-in-1 Solar Robot Toys

What is it: An educational robot toy that is solar-powered, and you can build into 12 different robot shapes.

Why we love it: It’s a solar-powered and eco-friendly toy, so it will reduce damage to the environment compared to buying something else.

Why you should consider buying it: It is a STEM-focused tool with clear instructions and an excellent price.

14: Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur Intelligent Interactive Smart Toy

What is it: An electronic remote-controlled toy dinosaur that has a fight mode, a dance mode, intelligent interactions, and LOTS more. It’s touch-sensitive and performs different actions such as head shaking and tail wagging. It has over 50 actions available.

Why we love it: It’s a fun toy with a lot of actions. It’s something the kids would enjoy.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s a powerful device with many features and is a lot of fun.

15: Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot, Interactive Preschool Robot Toy

What is it: A robot toy that teaches problem-solving, math, and more. It has 3 ways to play, which include free-coding, secret codes, and learning challenges. It has a ton of actions, lights, and fun phrases too.

Why we love it: It’s a well-designed interactive robot that’s very good at helping kids learn. 

Why you should consider buying it: It’s aimed at preschoolers and helps get your kids ready for kindergarten.

16: okk STEM Robot Building Block Toy for Kids

What is it: A 635 piece engineering building set that allows kids to practice their hands-on skills and creativity. You can control it by using an app with a BlueTooth connection. It has different control modes such as remote control, voice control, path mode, and more.

Why we love it: It’s a great education toy gift with a ton of unique features.

Why you should consider buying it: For what it’s worth, it’s an excellent price.

17: SGILE Robot Dog, RC Dog Toy

What is it: A programmable robot gift for kids that can sing and dance and has fully programmable functions.

Why we love it: It pretty cool and very easy to use. 

Why you should consider buying it: It’s a great toy robot dog pet and a great gift for kids.

18: Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Robots in Motion

What is it: It’s a 116-piece STEM building set that allows you to connect gears to engineer new robots. It also contains an activity guide so your kids can follow along and build a robot.

Why we love it: It improves critical thinking and engineering skills. It also allows you to build whatever you want, allowing kids to be as creative as they wish.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s well priced and educational.

19: Educational Insights Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

What is it: A creative, easy-to-setup way to learn to code. It allows your kids to draw lines using programming skills. It will enable you to use drag and drop or code in python and javascript.

Why we love it: It’s perfect for both beginner and advanced coders. It’s also a creative way to learn to code.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s a great, fun, and interactive tool for teaching kids how to code.

20: Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi

What is it: A learn and play robot toy that has 3 ways to play. It can move and has 360 degrees of mobility. It also has 60+ different facial expressions.

Why we love it: It’s a fun way to teach preschoolers critical thinking skills.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s a great and well-designed toy for preschoolers and gives them a small introduction to robots.

How do I get my child into robotics?

Getting your child into educational stem toys and educational apps is excellent for introducing your child to robotics and programming. Robot toys and programming websites like Scratch are powerful in teaching your child the foundations of robotics and programming.

What age should you start robotics?

Any age is good, but it is best to start from the age of 5 as at that age, your child will be able to understand the information better. The main thing you should focus on is getting a good education for your kid in robotics.

How do you introduce a robot to a child?

Robot toys are a fantastic, fun, and intuitive way to introduce your child to robotics. It helps build their curiosity and creativity for robotics while teaching them the foundations of robots and programming.

How can robotics help students?

Robotics can help students by improving engineering, math, and science skills in an interactive environment that allows them to develop strong knowledge and skills for a high-paying career.

How hard is it to learn robotics (for kids)? 

Robotics can be tough to learn, as you will need a strong understanding of engineering and programming. But the challenging work will end up paying off as a robotics engineer, which is a constantly increasing in-demand job with a very high salary potential, will be a very worthwhile reward.

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