Top 10 Best Big Teddy Bears For Endless Cuddling!

big teddy bear

Did you know that big teddy bears can be as giant as the average NBA player (6 ft 6 in) or even larger?

Teddy bears are proven to increase students’ motivation, be an effective sleeping aid and enhance the behavior of adults. As a result of the several benefits teddy bears provide, we decided to search the web for the 10 best giant teddy bears to help you decide which large teddy bear is for you.

Top 10 Giant Teddy Bears

1: MorisMos Big Plush Giant Teddy Bear 

What is it: It’s a 51-inch or 39-inch (depends on which size you want) teddy bear that is available in 6 colors (beige, dark brown, gray, light brown, pink and white). It’s perfect for hugs and snuggles, too, as it’s made of super soft fabric and PP cotton. Its high-quality materials and attention to detail construction make it highly durable.

Why we love it: It has a high-quality design and soft cushioning. 

Why you should consider buying it: It’s excellent for both kids and adults. It’s great for furnishing your house or playroom. It’s also a wonderful gift for birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s day. We’re are sure you’ll love it!

2: MaoGoLan Giant Stuffed Puppy

What is it: It’s a stuffed puppy that can be 31 or 51 inches long, depending on your preferred length. It’s filled with pp cotton and has a soft plush cover. You can also use it as a cushion or pillow.

Why we love it: It has a very original look that is quite different from other stuffed animals. It’s also huge and very cuddly.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s the perfect gift for kids, your partner, and friends. It’s also an excellent Christmas, thanksgiving, or Valentine’s day gift.

3: Misscindy Giant Teddy Bear Plush Stuffed

What is it: It’s a 47-inch big teddy bear that is available in 6 colors (blue, gray, light brown, pink, purple, white). It is stuffed with pp cotton and is great for snuggling and hugging. Even though it has a low price, it still has a high-quality, handmade design too.

Why we love it: It’s a great price and very cute as it has its own little bow tie.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s very reasonably priced.

4: MaoGoLan Giant Teddy Bear

What is it: It’s a 39 inches big teddy bear that is exceptionally soft. It comes in a light brown color and has soft plush cover material and fluffy stuffing that makes sure you always have wholesome hugs. It’s well stitched and has excellent packaging and design.

Why we love it: Its creator is a reputable company in the large teddy bear industry known as MaoGoLan.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s incredibly soft and cuddly, has great stitching, and is a fantastic gift.

5: IKASA Giant Teddy Bear Plush Toy

What is it: It’s a 78 inches, 63 inches or 39 inches big teddy toy that is available in 3 colors (brown, blue, and pink). Its largest height (78 inches) is the same size as an NBA player (6 ft 6 in), which proves that this thing is massive. It’s made of super soft material, is very plush, and it’s durable. It has a premium quality that passed the EN71 and ASTM test. It’s surface washable and easy to clean (although you can’t put it in the washing machine.).

Why we love it: It’s HUGE, like this thing is massive! If you someone that wants a GIANT teddy bear, this is the perfect option for you.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s a fantastic gift and a great surprise. I doubt anyone would expect you to get them something this big.

6: 5 Foot Very Big Smiling Teddy Bear

What is it: It’s a 5-foot tall (60 inches) dark brown teddy that has a soft squishy polyester stuffing. It’s pretty heavy, too, so you get better hugs and have a more resilient bear.

Why we love it: It’s made of a fantastic stuffing that gives the teddy bear a different feel from other teddy bears.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s incredibly tall and also a great gift.

7: MorisMos Giant Teddy Bear

What is it: It’s a big teddy bear available in 6 colors – pink, purple, white, red and brown, brown, lilac and 3 sizes – 39, 47 and 55 inches. It’s handmade and is very soft and plush. It’s great for snuggling and hugging as it’s made of PP cotton. It’s also washable and relatively easy to wash.

Why we love it: It’s adorable, handmade, and very soft too.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s a great gif for thanksgiving, Valentine’s, or Christmas.

8: Yesbears Giant Teddy Bear 5 Feet

What is it: It’s a very soft and huggable big teddy bear that is 5 feet tall and has a tan color. It also comes with a pillow. 

Why we love it: It’s a fully stuffed teddy bear, and it’s environmentally friendly too.

Why you should consider buying it: We’re not the only ones who think it’s a good product; it’s also amazon’s choice for 5-foot teddy bears.

9: Toys Studio 36 inch Big Teddy Bear

What is it: It’s a 36-inch big teddy bear available in 7 colors (beige, blue, brown, dark brown, grey, pink, and white). It’s made of very soft fabric and plush and pp cotton that gives it a very comforting feeling. It is well colored and has a cute design too. It’s a great teddy bear for decoration, and you use it as a cushion, pillow, or soft seat.

Why we love it: It’s well designed and made of high-quality material. It has also has many color options (7) that give you more flexibility in choosing what kind of teddy bear you want.

Why you should consider buying it: It has several color options, it’s made of great material and is a fantastic gift.

10: Kangaroo Giant Cuddly Plush Teddy Bear

What is it: It’s a 5 feet (60 inches) big teddy bear that weighs 12.2 pounds. It’s well stuffed and of good quality.

Why we love it: It’s a very high-quality product.

Why you should consider buying it: It’s an excellent gift for Christmas, Valentines and more. It’s also extraordinarily cuddly and super soft. 


We appreciate you taking the time to read this article. Here is our conclusion of the best big teddy bears: 

Giant Teddy Bear Questions:

How much are giant teddy bears?

The price of giant teddy bears varies quite a bit, but their pricing mainly relies on the teddy bear’s size. The larger the size of the big teddy bear, the higher the price. The price of large teddy bears usually ranges from $30 to $200, though.

How big is a 34 inch teddy bear?

A teddy bear, the size of 34 inches, is 2 ft 10 in and 86.36cm, approximately the height of a small child. If you want one that is larger, though, you should be able to find one as many big teddys are 50+ inches, some even reaching up to 78 inches (6 ft 6 in).

What are giant teddy bears called?

Giant teddy bears don’t have a specialized name for them, and they are usually just called big teddy bears or giant teddy bears.

What is the biggest teddy bear ever?

The largest teddy bear ever was constructed by Municipio de Xonacatlán in April 2019 and was 19.41M (63 ft 8 in) in height. That’s 5 times taller than the size of the average building!

Which brand is best for Teddy Bear?

MaoGoLan or MorisMos are probably the brands that are best for big teddy bears. They both very tall and high-quality teddy bears.

How much is a 6ft teddy bear?

A 6ft teddy bear’s price can vary from brand to brand, but they usually around $50-$100.

What is the most expensive teddy bear?

A Louis Vitton teddy bear made by Steiff in 2000 measured 17 inches (45 cm) in height and sold for €213,720.00 ($182,550) on the 14th of October 2000.

Is a teddy bear a toy?

It depends on how you treat it and how you look at teddy bears. If you look at teddy bears as toys and things to play with, then they are toys. If you prefer to look at them as companions and things that help you sleep, then teddys are companions. Teddy bears have an extensive range of purposes, and you should not look at teddy bears as just ‘toys.’

What is the price of 4 feet teddy bear?

The price of a 4 feet (48 inches) teddy bear ranges quite a bit, but they usually have a cost of around $50-$100. You could go with a larger teddy bear if you want, but it might cost a little more.

What does a teddy bear symbolize?

It depends on how you look at it, but the teddy bear usually symbolizes companionship, love, and security. It can also be a sign of gentleness, reassurance, and love/affection from another person (who gave you the teddy bear).

What is the most famous teddy bear?

The most famous teddy bear in the world is Winnie the Pooh. 

How much does a giant teddy bear weigh?

A giant teddy bear can weigh anywhere from 12 pounds (6.4 KG) to 30 pounds (13.6 KG), depending on its size.

Why do I like teddy bears?

You like teddy bears as you look at them as something to cuddle with and make you feel safe, which is perfectly fine. They may have also been a big part of your childhood that has leaked into your adulthood. There is nothing wrong with liking teddy bears, no matter your age.

Is it weird for adults to like stuffed animals?

No, it is not weird to like stuffed animals as an adult. A lot of adults see them as a sleep aid. In fact, as many as 34% of adults sleep with a teddy bear/soft plushy every night.

Is it good to sleep with a teddy bear?

Experts say that there is nothing wrong with sleeping with teddy bears. In fact, it’s perfectly normal and quite popular as up to 34% of adults sleep with some sort of stuffed plush toy.

Is it normal to sleep with a teddy bear?

Yes, sleeping with a teddy bear is a perfectly normal thing to do and a lot more popular than you think.

Why teddy bears are so important?

Teddy bears are important as they provide people with a sense of comfort and love. They are also great toys for hugging and snuggling too.

What should I name my teddy bear?

Good names for a teddy bear are Cuddles, Lovebug, Snuggabear, Fuzzy Wuzzy, and Buttercup. These are just suggestions, and there are lots of other cool, unique names that im sure you can think of for your teddy bear!

Why do ladies love teddy bears?

Ladies love teddy bears as they are adorable and also something girls love to cuddle. They give them a warm, comforting feeling that makes them feel safe.

Is Teddy bear a good gift for a girl?

Yes, teddy bears are a great gift for girls. It’s a great reminder for her that you love her whenever she sees it.

Should I get my girlfriend a stuffed animal?

Yes, a teddy bear would be a great gift for your girlfriend as teddy bears are proven to be an excellent gift for girls as teddy bears comfort girls and make them feel safe and warm. It’ll also remind her of you every time she sees it.

Why does hugging a teddy bear feel good?

Hugging teddy bears feel good because it makes you feel comfortable, safe, and secure. They give you some reassurance that everything will be ok.

Which Color teddy bear is best?

The best colors for a teddy bear are beige, dark brown, white, pink, and blue. But don’t be afraid to try another teddy bear color!

Is it normal for a teenager to sleep with a stuffed animal?

Yes, it’s perfectly normal for a teenager to sleep with a stuffed animal like a teddy bear. In fact, it’s a lot more popular than you think for teenagers to sleep with stuffed animals.

Why do we hug teddy bears?

We hug teddy bears because it makes us feel safe, secure and gives us a sense of assurance that we will be ok. 

Is it weird that I still like stuffed animals?

No, there is nothing with liking stuffed animals like teddy bears. It’s a perfectly normal thing, and lots of people like stuffed animals.

Do stuffed animals help with anxiety?

Yes, stuffed animals do help with anxiety as they provide a sense of comfort and safety.

Do stuffed animals talk?

Unfortunately, stuffed animals cannot talk right now, but who knows, maybe one day someone will create one that can.

Is it weird to bring a stuffed animal to college?

Not really; I am sure you will find lots of other people who will bring their stuffed animals to college. People are becoming more and more comfortable with expressing their love for stuffed animals like teddy bears.

Conclusion #2

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