Top 10 Best Monster Truck Toys For Kids!

monster truck car for kids

Are you looking for a monster truck toy for your kids to have loads of fun with?

Monster truck toys are the Ideal Gift For Kids What better way to make a child feel special than by giving them a toy they can use to play with their imagination? This is a great gift for kids and will provide hours of fun and excitement for them. Monster trucks are the ultimate way to get your kids out and about and having fun. It’s a great idea to buy toys and gifts for kids that are useful, fun, and educational.

Top 10 Monster Trucks for Kids

1: product – The Best Overall

Surprise your child with this monster truck toy: ZIPOUTE remote control car, it is much more convenient for you to control and play. Moreover, with a newborn safety design in its wheels and buttons, you would feel safe to let your children play with it. Monster trucks like this are the ultimate way to get your kids out and about and having fun.

2: Remote Control Car, WHIRLT RC Cars for Kids

The WHIRLT Monster Truck is the newest addition to the WHIRLT RC family, our bestselling Red and Black Remote Control Car. This Monster Truck has all of the same great features, including a top-mounted infrared controller and high-grip tires that can go forward and backward, turn left and right, and drive at different speeds – but it’s also got some exciting new additions. With all-terrain tires, a top-mounted infrared controller, and working headlights and taillights, this monster is ready to roar across any surface. Its waterproof remote control ensures that you’ll be able to play with it in the rain or snow without worrying about the remote getting wet.

Super robust frame, 4-wheel drive with monster truck tires, reliable performance, and easy operation make this remote control car safe, fun, and exciting for kids to play. They will love the pulse-pounding competition and pure stunt action.

The WHIRLT Monster Truck RC cars for kids is a perfect gift for your little monster truck fan. The truck is not only designed with powerful motor but also with durable wheels and rubber tires. You can control the truck with 2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control with a range of up to 230 feet distance and highly responsive steering and throttle.

This monster truck toy offers you speed and power with 360° rotating wheels. It provides an exciting time with family and friends. Built-in rechargeable battery. Includes 2.4GHZ radio remote control and requires 8 AA batteries (2 for car, 6 for remote).

With compelling features such as neck breaking speeds, a monster truck style body, and high tech remote control, this car is perfect for adrenaline junkies and speed demons everywhere!

3: HM Remote Control Car, 4WD Off Road RC Stunt Car Toys for Kids

To the delight of kids, the remote control toy is a special remote control car, capable of running and working as a monster truck. It has four wheel drive to run in all directions, providing the best RC truck driving experience. It has 1200mAh high capacity battery to keep the remote toy operating as long as possible.

This amazing remote control truck is flexible enough to partake in a variety of experiences, from rural to urban settings. Its Mecanum wheels make it easy for off-road driving, and its strength makes it usable for all standard surfaces.

This remote control monster truck toy is very popular among kids, and because of its components, it is a very safe toy. It is a stick toy, which makes it very easy to play with.

This remote control car enables the remote car to move in all directions and various terrains. Which enables 360° rotation & 50° climbing, and sideways maneuver, providing the best RC truck driving experience. Much more fun than ordinally RC car, providing more realistic racing experience.


Fire Truck RC School Bus has been designed with exciting driving experience, and the remote control distance is more than 80 feet. This RC truck toy is ideal for creating imaginative play and driving fun for kids.

The remote control fire truck is a thoughtful gift for every child. It stimulates both kids’ and adults’ creativity and imagination, and also develops their interest and fascination in trucks.

Huge all-terrain remote control truck makes kids’ imaginations go wild. The remote control car is rechargeable and comes with a USB charger, eliminating the hassle of frequently buying dry batteries.

This remote control fire truck is a great RC car for kids, they will have lots of fun in the backyard or family room. The three channels and infrared controlled function make this RC car easy and enjoyable to be operated.

5: DEERC Brushless RC Cars 300E 60KM/H High Speed Remote Control Car

The new car is glued to your hands, its motor is not too powerful but fast enough for you. When you drive the car, you will feel very comfortable because of its suspensions which make the car have a good balance and avoid too much shaking. The car also has a very beautiful appearance, which is sure to attract the attention of many people.

Whether you’re searching for that perfect gift for your kid or looking to beat your own record of aerial stunts, the DEERC Brushless RC Cars 300E 60KM/H High Speed Remote Control Car with LED Lights (Black) is a perfect fit. Built for power and speed, the car is designed with safety in mind, featuring high-capacity LiPo batteries and built-in electrical protection.

This is by far the most luxurious remote control car we have ever seen. It is a monster truck with 3 independent suspensions and 4 wheel drive.

Our monster truck toys are great for kids and adults alike. The powerful motor allows these RC cars to go up to 35 mph. The four wheel drive means that these RC cars can go almost any place.

The top of the line RC model is the world’s fastest monster truck and it can be yours. This truck literally goes over everything in its path. The tires are super-grippy and can even climb stairs. It’s a total monster!

6: Powerful Dinosaur Monster Truck with Chomping, Roaring T-Rex

From the roaring engine to the pneumatic tires, this big dino is ready for action. This vehicle has a big dinosaur head, chomping jaws, and a tail that whips back and forth. It’s just like a real monster truck.

Even though the dino truck’s chomping model is intended for kids, some adults might secretly want to play with it. The mouth opens and closes and the truck makes revving sounds just like a real monster truck.

Kids will love the roar of this powerful truck as it roars and races its way around the house.

The dino truck is a monster in its own right, with a battery powered engine that shoots the monster truck backwards with some roaring T-rex revving sounds. Kids will have hours of fun and modern play with this powerful monster truck.

7: Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 1:24 Scale Vehicles

This Hot Wheels collection of monster trucks is sure to be a hit with any collector. The die-cast metal bodies and incredible stats on the back of each truck are sure to start a lot of crunched asphalt in the toy box.

With its all-new, huge assortment filled with seriously gnarly truck models, adrenaline-fueled stunts, and most importantly, no rules play, Hot Wheels Monster Trucks brings all-new action to the track! Pull the rip cords to blast water, send a car airborne for a stunt jump, or even push cars right off the track – the possibilities are endless!

Your kid will love creating monster truck mayhem with these outrageous 1:24 scale vehicles.

8: Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Tiger Shark die-cast 1:24 Scale Vehicle

The Monster Trucks Tiger Shark is a 1:24 Scale Vehicle from the Monster Trucks Series. Enjoy hours to play with awesome Hot Wheels Monster Trucks and their extreme strength, crash attack, motor-vation, ferocious striking power, and awesome monster wheels that are able to roll over any car in their way! These trucks are packed out with awesome stats on back giving details of their strength, crash attack, motor-vation and more! Enjoy hours to play with awesome Hot Wheels Monster Trucks and their extreme strength, crash attack, motor-vation, ferocious striking power, and awesome monster wheels that are able to roll over any car in their way! These trucks are packed out with awesome stats on back giving details of their strength, crash attack, motor-vation and more!

Leapin’ Lizards! This is some monstrous fun for all the family! These roaring, ramp jumping, Monster Trucks can’t wait to smash through anything that gets in its way. The bold new monster designs make them an incredible gift for any crime fighting vehicle enthusiast. Whether you’re revving up to face off against your rivals or just looking for some serious fun, you’ll roar with delight when you see these awesome trucks and the awesome attack stats on the back of each die-cast metal card. It’s time to get ready for battle with a monster truck that’s made to conquer anything in its way.

Nothing can stop the baddest vehicles ever built for head-to-head competition! Built to smash and crash everything in sight, crushing any car in the way, these ferocious die-cast metal vehicles are packed out with awesome stats on back and come with detailed instructions for awesome stunts and play! The world’s only Monster Trucks performing death-defying jumps, flips and more!

9: Light Up Monster Truck Set for Boys and Girls

This battery operated toy for kids is a favorite with kids, and parents alike. It comes with (4) 6” big monster themed toy trucks fitted with bright LED lights that flash in unison when rolled along. This mesmerizing light show will spark the imagination of even the most well-behaved kids, while the soft rubber monster tires will ensure they leave no marks on the floor or carpeting.

None of us were sure what to expect from this toy truck set, but we all agree that it has been a smashing success. The toy monster trucks are fast, sturdy and intuitively designed. Each truck comes with a unique design and a blinding light, which changes color every two seconds. We would definitely recommend this toy monster truck set to all parents with kids (boys and girls) aged 3 to 5 years old.

This is the perfect gift set for children – boys and girls alike – who love to play with trucks! The fun toys come with a front and rear light that can be activated with just the push of a button. The Monster Truck set includes four monster trucks that are kid powered. A great gift idea for kids who love trucks.

ArtCreativity’s monster truck set is the perfect gift to help kids get to grips with colors and expression.

10: Monster Jam, The Steel 4-Pack of Color-Changing Die-Cast Monster Trucks

In honor of Monster Jam’s 40th Anniversary in 2016, this 4-pack of Monster Jam trucks features custom paint jobs with a Touring Monster Jam blue and gold colors. The trucks also feature “reveal the steel” paint methods.

Ol’ reliable Monster Jam trucks with real die-cast detailing, authentic colors and the perfect for serious monster truck fanatics.

With the Monster Jam trucks, you can be the driver of a monster truck. The Monster Jam Truck collection features authentic die-cast metal trucks with a splash of color at their wheels. Not only are the trucks cool to look at, but they also include features to make driving them more fun, like awesome sound effects. The 4-pack includes four monster trucks, each in an all-new color scheme.

Choosing the Best Monster Truck for Kids

The Size of the Monster Truck

The size of a monster truck matters because its a reflection of the size of the tires. The larger the monster truck, the more realistic it looks and the more fun you can have when you play with it.

The Quality of the Monster Truck

The quality of the Monster Truck needs to be really top notch. A bad quality monster truck can break easily when facing tough terrain. It could also have an amazing paint job and an awesome sound system with a feature that lets you turn the music off, so you can listen to the engine without the noise.

The Price of the Monster Truck

You should find a monster truck that is reasonably priced and not too expensive, an expensive monster truck can set you back a bit and may not be as good as you thought.

Benefits of Monster Trucks for Kids

  1. They are easy to drive and control.
  2. mproved safety — monster trucks are better equipped to handle different terrains and conditions than other vehicles.
  3. They’re ‘cool’ — kids love them because they’re fun!
  4. Monster trucks are a great way to have fun with your kids.
  5. Kids can learn a lot about driving on a monster truck, they’ll gain valuable experience from driving one.
  6. They can last for years, so if you buy a good quality one, you won’t have to buy another one for a long time.
  7. There are all kinds of accessories you can get – ramps, tracks, paint jobs and more!
  8. Kids can drive them around their neighborhood or in school parking lots.
  9. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your children.
  10. They’re excellent vehicles for off-road driving.
  11. Kids who learn to drive monster trucks at a young age are often more skilled behind the wheel in later life.
  12. They are not just for boys!
  13. They are a lot of fun — you can drive them on the beach, and they’re great for playing in the mud!
  14. You can go off-road with them — they can climb over rocks and hills.
  15. They’re big and powerful!
  16. They come with a loud engine sound.
  17. They have strong shocks to handle rough terrain.
  18. Huge, huge wheels!
  19. They are very safe to use.

Drawbacks of Monster Trucks for Kids

  1. They are loud.
  2. If they are too big for the road, they can be a danger to other cars, people, and animals.
  3. It is difficult to park them when not on the move — particularly if they are a big truck.
  4. Some people may think they are too slow and boring.
  5. They’re too fast for public roads.
  6. They are heavy, and hard to push.
  7. They take a long time to charge.

Monster Truck Questions (FAQ):

Should I get a monster truck toy for my kids?

There are plenty of toys that can keep the kids busy. One of those toys is the monster truck.

Will my child be happy with a monster truck?

Imagine how much your child will love their first monster truck. It will be a huge part of their life. Why not buy them something that you know they will love?


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As children grow up, they discover their passion and interests. Some of them are fond of toys. When they are young, toys help them to improve their motor skills. As they get older, toys help them to socialize with other kids in their age group. While looking for a toy for your son, you need to consider the toys that will help him to develop his imagination and creativity. Monster truck toys are a good option for kids that love racing and speed.

Although it is not really the most important toy, the Monster Truck toy has become one of the most popular toys for boys. They are all over the place, and there are many different kinds. They are the most popular with kids and adults alike.

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